End Me

by Badblood

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Gene Sprague


released May 25, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Sean Vahle at Architeuthis Sound. All songs and lyrics written by Badblood. Artwork by Derek Setzer.



all rights reserved


Badblood Los Angeles, California

misanthropic crust//sludge

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Track Name: REJECT
Red paint, red paint. Painted over the gold. Dead fog, dead fog, over dying souls. Two hundred and twenty feet above the grave. No goodbyes, no one cares. Reject. Circling the drain, living as a stain. Reject. Chasing death, diving down deeper and deeper past the swells, past the tides.
Track Name: FALL
Blood of a sinner, blood of a saint, don't you see it? They're one in the same. Thoughts of the living, dreams of the dead, awaiting the day. Releasing pain through pain. Fall. My last day. End myself with a flight down. Fall. My last day. Maggots swarm my brains and lungs. Try to speak, try to talk in tongues. Short of breath with a closed mind. At the waters edge. Descending faster. No reason to stay. I'm catching the westbound. Fall. My demise given by these hands of mine. Descending faster and faster I go. Sinking down. I'm sinking further down. Black water. Five seconds to freedom. Visions of hell. Eternal peace within. Visions of sinking. The empty soul falls.
Track Name: PALE
My thoughts are in ruins with death and confusion. Surrounded by vultures, my brains are the prey. In my time amongst thieves, I relinquished my right to have lived in fear. As I dig for existence truth bleeds in my eyes. Flesh awaiting decay. A cancerous cyst bled dry. Hordes of needles and plagues of minds. Pieces of guilt sitting on empty time. Questioning truth. Questioning honestly. It's written in dust, “END ME”. End me please. A dive down into the currents of time. Ripping my flesh and rotting my mind. End me. Kept out of loneliness. Forsaken with hatred (for myself). Stories long told, questioned of truth. Sinking, drowning.The silence guides me to freedom. Falling faster and faster, I sink to the end. End of what I am. I'm done feeling ashamed. I'm done feeling at all.With nothing to live for you watch your screens as I fall. Fall. My breath has become pale and cold.