Slaughterhouse Blues

by Badblood

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released July 20, 2012

Recorded at Earth Capitol with Alex Estrada.



all rights reserved


Badblood Los Angeles, California

misanthropic crust//sludge

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Track Name: Rape Seed
Prisoner, locked inside. Prisoner, theres nowhere to hide. Crawling through dark spaces you'll find me, spiraling downwords, not coming back. Who said we were free? Rape seed, force bred slaves. Who said we were free? Locked up and taxed by thieves, who said we were free? Caged up and beat like dogs, who said we were free? Taught nothing and fed poison, who said we were free?
Track Name: Dust & Bone
My pulse is racing, the fears of running away. Those whiskey knights, and colder days. I'm tired of you all, its time for me to skip town. I'm tired of you all. Why bother looking up when all I feel is down, why bother looking up? I started living the moment I stopped caring. I started living in a box. Like dust & bone we drift apart. Like the seasons in our year everything changes. Our blood stains the knife, but nothing changes. Our blood coats the floor but nothing changed. Still nothing, we are nothing.
Track Name: Slaughterhouse Blues
As cattle we march. As wolves we roam free. As cattle we're slaughtered. As wolves we prey. Next in line, we wait for death. Next in line, they cut our throats. Next in line, the butcher awaits. Next in line, the silent machines. They take their knives to our throats and with bags on our heads we bleed. Selling voices and souls they line us up. Selling voices and souls we line ourselves up. They raise their knives to make us bleed, with bags on our heads.